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Abstract Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Can I present work that has been submitted to another event?
The RCOG will accept work presented at previous non RCOG UK or International Congresses (maximum of 2 international meetings). Authors must indicate if work has previously been presented both at the point of submission by ticking a box on the submission site and on their final presentation. Previously published work will not be accepted.

Can I submit an abstract by post, fax or email?
No, abstracts submitted by fax, email or paper copy will not be considered. The judging and allocation of the abstracts takes place through our online system so only abstracts submitted online will be accepted.

I am unsure whether I can attend the congress; can my colleague present my work instead if I am successful?
We recommend that the person submitting the abstract is the main author who will be presenting at the conference. However, any of the other authors named on the abstract can present if the main author is unable to attend.

I am unsure whether I can attend the congress, do I need to be registered to present?
Yes, at least one of the authors needs to register for the full congress to present the abstract.

I can only attend for one day, can I still present my work?
In order for your work to be presented at the Congress at least one of the authors must be registered on each day, so if you can only register for one day then one of your co-authors will need to register for the remaining two days.

My abstracts was one of the top 500 scoring, do I need to present it at the congress for it to be included in the BJOG supplement?
Yes, the BJOG Supplement only includes abstracts presented at the congress so at least one of the authors named on the abstract needs to be registered to attend. You will need to register by the 6th of January to be included and further information will be sent to successful authors.

Can I make amendments to my abstract after as I have submitted it?
Yes you can amend your submission any time up until the submission deadline by logging back into the online system.

I have a paper poster of my abstract which I prepared previously, can I use this again to present at the congress?
Although you can submit work previously accepted (see question above), the posters for the RCOG World Congress are all electronic so no hard copies will be on display. You will need to prepare your poster using the special software provided, although this is designed to take as little as 10 minutes.

If I tick the box to say I want an oral presentation does that mean I will be given an oral presentation if I am successful?
The allocation of oral presentations is decided by the Scientific Committee and based on the scores of the abstracts. If you tick the box and opt for an oral presentation, you will be considered but may be offered a poster presentation instead.

I would like to present my work but don't want to give an oral presentation, is this possible?
Yes, if you tick poster presentation you won't be considered for an oral presentation.

When will I find out if my abstract has been accepted?
Selected presenting authors will be notified if their submission has been successful by Friday 11 November 2016.

I would like to submit a video abstract, do I need to submit a video with my abstract?
No, at this stage all we need from you is the abstract. If your work is selected you need to submit video to the e-poster submission site by Friday 6 January 2017.

Why do e-posters have to pay an additional fee to present their work?
Authors are required to pay a fee for the e-poster service per submission via the e-poster submission site to cover the costs of providing the service. It does mean you will not have to pay to print or transport your poster though. Full instruction will be given upon acceptance.

Can I submit more than one abstract?
Yes you can but please avoid salami submission with generation of several abstracts from the same study.

Where can I go if I have further questions?
Please contact the Congress Secretariat if you have any further questions.
Email: lethishan@turnersconferences.co.za
Phone: +27 31 368 8000

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